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Fred Hammond – Find No Fault

default Fred Hammond   Find No Fault

Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Fred Hammond – Find No Fault”

  1. luvliimeme says:

    who disliked this song??? smh at u! im soo glad God uses fred as my continuous reliable source of God’s word through music–true gospel music

  2. luvliimeme says:

    @allenbryson2010 never

  3. Nap4734 says:

    great song and so true

  4. unctre says:

    What in the world can you say about Fred Hammond other than the fact that his music ministry will be heard for generations to come THANKS FRED!!!!!!

  5. allenbryson2010 says:

    fred never fails me.

  6. iluvren says:

    Yes! He is so wonderful! <3

  7. jojosbgal says:

    I love yo and your songs all,ALL of them keep doing what your doing because your doing a good,great

  8. Johnch15VS5 says:

    I love love LOVE this song!!!

  9. mama2bj says:

    @dimples7276 – I soooo do agree

  10. Oakcliffsweety says:

    Thanks for posting this, been looking for it. Singing this at church tomorrow and trying to learn the rhythm, love this song !!!

  11. lovehurts2much says:

    OMG…this song is so what I need everyday! It reminds me who to true in my life!!!!1 Peter 3:8-15 Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts!!! Finding no fault!! WOW Thank you Jesus!!

  12. JSimpthePimp says:


  13. LYNNRCOX says:


  14. Kiddy03 says:

    This song is really touching and really true!!

  15. beth09babi says:

    no fault in him. but alot of fault in me and he still loves me… AMAZING

  16. Lashjhrejo says:

    Fred Hammond still is and will forever be a huge blessing to me! God bless you Fred wherever you are and may you be even more anointed thsi new year than ever before!

  17. fankigo says:

    THANK GOD he made fred hammod so everybody can get JESUS in thier LIFE!!!!!

  18. msgreenno says:

    So often I have found fault with others, with myself – Thank God “IFind No Fault in HIM”

  19. dimples7276 says:

    Love this song, great 4 praise and worship

  20. Priscills83 says:

    Amen!! i found no fault in him either :)

  21. tbuggie93 says:

    Lovn it

  22. 222david says:

    Simply amazing!

  23. locandbeautiful says:

    LOVE this…man’s so hard to sing this sitting down @ the office..gotta get my praise on right here ! ;o)

  24. eldaah777 says:

    wonderful song…repeat button is in action!!! Bless God!!!

  25. meme4god says:

    Love it

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