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Latest Alienation Of Affection News

Brooklyn – Green-wood Cemetery: Elizabeth “Grandmother” Tilton 181246886 ad4d04e31d Latest Alienation Of Affection News
Image by wallyg A low white gravestone, sitting behind Soldier’s Monument, is inscribed only as "Grandmother." This is the grave of Elizabeth Tilton (1834-1897). Elizabeth had been married to Theodore Tilton and was a schoolteacher for the Reverend Henry Ward Beecher of Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights. She and Beecher had an affair that was exposed by Victoria Woodhill. Theodore sued Beecher for "alienation of affection," and the story became national news. Beecher claimed victory with a hung jury, but after the "Trial of the Century" the Tilton family was torn apart. Theodore left the US in 1883 and spent his life in Paris. Elizabeth as ostracized by everyone except her daughter and a few religious friends. She died alone and blind in 1897. Her marker simply reads "Grandmother" in an attempt to keep tourists from invading her final resting spot.

Green-Wood Cemetery National Register #97000228

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