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How to Save a Failing Marriage and Build a Stronger Relationship

While marital problems may at present seem overwhelming it’s possible that with some hard work and commitment you will be able to save your marriage. The challenges that you are currently faced with in your marriage may seem unique to you know that many other couples will experience many of the same trials and tribulations that you have. The the next lot of tips may appear handy to help save a failing marriage.

Being in a Sexless Marriage

A healthy sexual appetite for one another is something that can be overlooked, although it plays a crucial role to the salvation of any relationship. Apart from the excitement it can add to your marriage it can also keep your mind and body in prime health through the release of several hormones which helps maintain a connection between you and your spouse.

It can be a wise idea to schedule time for one another to get intimate especially if there’s a lack of intimacy due to time constraints from a busy day off work.

This can then set the desire and anticipation for that event as it approaches.

If you follow this tip to save a failing marriage, keep in mind that night time appointments do not need to be the only option. In fact, most couples are tired or even exhausted as the evening hours come around.

Take a Closer Look at the Little Problems

Possibly both yourself and your partner each have busy daily schedules leaving little time to take care of the household duties.
Something as little as deciding who takes out the trash can lead couples to look for ideas on how to save a failing marriage. While a fight over doing the dishes may seem petty, a closer look at what is really going on will show you that this problem might be bigger than it seems.

The Big Impact of Little Inequalities in the Home

This may go without saying but a solid relationship requires both give and take.
On one hand your spouse may feel as though they’re pulling their weight and on top of that doing more than what is expected of them. But, don’t wish to draw attention to it to avoid an argument.

Or, you might be even the one that’s taking on most of the workload and household duties with little left effort or appreciation from your spouse. It is important that to save a failing marriage mutual give and take must be met.

Accept That You Both Play a Part in Your Problems

One of the initial steps to take is to both be totally honest with each other and take complete responsibility for your actions. You may believe that you’re contributing fairly to the relationship while your partner is not. Although, they mightn’t even feel that they are actually doing anything wrong.

Sort Out Household Duties Evenly

While seated down together begin by conveying each of your thoughts to one another and let the truth out, so that a suitable strategy can be established to save a failing marriage. It might not only be the case of just making more time for sex or doing the dishes more regularly that’s the issue that will help to save a failing marriage. Problems need to be talked about openly with one another so that you can both work together to locate worthwhile solutions.

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Why Do Celebrity Marriages Seem to Fail So Often?

Are celebrity marriages any more or less prone to failure than other marriages? Is there something about a celebrity’s ability to act that makes it harder for their marriages to last? Why is it that celebrity couples seem to have a harder time making things work than ordinary couples?

Those are all good questions. But, the answers might surprise you.

Celebrity couples really aren’t more or less inclined to success or failure than any other couples in the world. Celebrity marriages seem to be ending all the time but mainly because it’s news when they do and we hear about the splits for days, weeks, months, and even years after it happens. The saga of Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt still continues to make headlines whenever there is a slow news day and that divorce was ages ago.

Marriages Fail Daily Everywhere

The thing is, marriages fail every day around the world.

Current numbers estimate that one out of every two marriages, worldwide, end in divorce. Those numbers are staggering. But in Hollywood, recent percentages place divorce rates at 65 percent. This makes it a little higher than average.

But in Hollywood there are quite a few mitigating factors to consider.

Egos – Two people who are accustomed to getting what they want may have a hard time yielding or compromising when conflicts arise. It’s a common battle of will and ego whenever two strong personalities try to coexist.
Scheduling Conflicts – Healthy marriages require love, time, and attention. It’s hard to do when schedules take you around the world and away from one another for months at a time. Some couples are able to make that work for them while others are unable to keep the home fires burning while their other half’s are away.
Media Scrutiny – The scrutiny of the media is intense. Every little lunch meeting, chance encounter, and budding friendship can have a sinister purpose according to the media. It takes a strong person with a lot of trust not to buckle beneath the uncertainty this kind of attention can engender.
Lack of Privacy – It’s hard to have those precious private moments together that help couples really bond together when the world seems to be watching your every move.
Nonexistent Downtime – Even when celebrities aren’t filming their latest Hollywood blockbusters there are constant calls for their attention from promoting films, goodwill gigs, and countless other necessary interruptions to their lives it’s hard to find downtime away from it all together. All couples need this kind of down time in order to bond together and reconnect.
Constant Public Attention – The amount of attention celebrities get from their adoring fans can be problematic especially when what they want more than anything is to get away from it all and spend some time alone together. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many deserted islands left anymore.



But there are options and it is possible for even celebrity couples to figure out how to get back together after divorce. If they can do it, you can learn how to get your ex back too. All you need is the right method. This FREE video -> gives you an excellent opening move if you’re interested in working things out with your ex.

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Can a Man Love Two Women at the Same Time: Can This Ever Work?

JJ asks the Fellas if a man can successfully manage a relationship with more than one woman and if this can ever work. So, find ot what they say!

Single DAY – Marriage Seminar RETREAT- JUNE 19th -

MARRIAGE SEMINAR – SATURDAY – JUNE 19TH ALL DAY EVENT PER COUPLE – It is an ALL Day Marriage event for Couples to further Encourage, Equip and Engage them in a fuller and stronger relationship together! We have an exciting, fun and interesting mix of events for the day – we have a video seminar by Mark Gungor called LAUGH YOUR WAY TO A BETTER MARRIAGE – and believe me there is a good amount of laughter in these…and yet sooooo challenging and encouraging! This is one of those RARE marriage seminars that are not sooo mushy the men are put off and doesn’t bash our husbands, instead, it humorously shows each side men and women, their strengths and weaknesses and how to best work with them…That being said, it’s not so funny that it doesn’t tackle some very serious issues – Indeed it does. Secondly we will be having a fantastic Workshop that helps each individual discover their personality style and wiring…Author and Speaker Deb Ingino will be presenting the MY WIRED STYLE workshop where we will learn how to maximize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses all while working to achieve a more productive marriage – these are some awesome skills… This will be followed by lunch… Thirdly we will have a special message to further encourage and engage us from Pastor Dr. Randy Paige, the Pastor of Christ Church which is our Host for the Event. He is a wonderfully compassionate man who with 30 years of Pastoral work and counseling under his belt, has equipped and Video Rating: 0 / 5

Detection And Management Approaches to Conquer Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a disease which occur in an individual due to the inability of his or her body to make use of sugar, due to insulin deficiency. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas and is essential for the breakdown of carbohydrates or sugar. For energy to be produced, insulin is responsible for speeding the uptake of sugar into the cells.

When insulin is lacking in an individual’s blood, diabetes mellitus occurs, in which case the blood sugar level is very high or in excess. The excess sugar is removed through the kidney and passed out in urine. As such, the presence of sugar in the blood or urine is an indication that one has diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes can result in very serious complication, but with early detection and management approaches, the ailment can be conquered and controlled. If diabetes mellitus is conquered and controlled, victims can live normal lives.

The root cause of diabetes is yet unknown, but there are predisposing factors that may play a role in developing diabetes. The main factors are hereditary, while others include excessive weight gain or obesity, stress, side effects of certain drugs, and lack of exercise.

Detection of the disease condition takes place through common signs and symptoms. As such, the common signs and symptom of diabetes mellitus include, Frequent urination, Excessive thirst for water or fluids, Drinking of large quantities of water, and emptied within a short time, Sexual weakness, Recurrent abortions, Still births, Delivery of bigger than expected babies, Frequent occurrence of boils, pains, numbness, and burning or tingling sensation at limbs, Blurred vision, and Foot ulcers that refuse to heal with treatment

When diabetes is detected, common observable complications include, glaucoma, cataract formation, still births, failed marriages, neonatal deaths, and congenital defects.  

Detection of diabetes, leads to the use of management approaches to conquer and control the disease condition. Top five common management approaches to conquer diabetes include,

i.                     Eating balanced Diets

The importance of consuming balanced diets cannot be overemphasized, when it comes to management of diabetes. Foods from meat group, milk group, cereals, bread, fruits, and vegetables, should be eaten. Avoid refined or white sugar.

Eat less fat and cholesterol. Do this by decreasing the intake of red meat, fatty foods, eggs, and cheese. But eat more of fish.

ii.                   Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Smoking

These are harmful to the body, as they try to distort the body’s normal functioning.

iii.                  Lose Some Weight or Add Some Weight

If one is overweight, it is advisable to shed some weight. This can be done by reducing the quantity of food consumed by half or by consuming fewer calories. For the underweight, it is advisable to add some weight, by eating diets containing enough calories with minimum sugar, to help build up body mass. With this approach, a normal weight can be maintained, which is reasonable.

iv.                 Undertake Regular Exercise

Schedule a regular program of exercise, to help burn down sugar and control diabetes. Exercise should be done on daily basis, to be able to reap its benefits. Exercises to perform include running, walking, stretching your body, swimming, etc.

v.                   Get Artificially Administered Insulin Through a Doctor

Your type or dosage of insulin should be determined by your doctor, to avoid over-utilization or under-utilization, which may accompany self medication. 

With the above detection and management approaches to conquer diabetes, be rest assured that diabetes shall be controlled.

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Written by abang12

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Betty White: Avoiding The Plague of Women Who Lunch

How can anyone say anything bad about Betty White?    She’s sweet, feisty, intelligent, warm, and funny.  She doesn’t resort to vicious attacks about other women to make people laugh, and she ages with the ‘ages’ in the sense that Betty White is always relevant.

I’m old enough to remember the Betty White Show (a show she hosted and produced)   and I watched it until it went off the air.  It was a variety show and was a good showcase for Betty’s comedic and acting talents.   

For me Betty White was the kind of the woman I’d want as a girlfriend, confident, next door neighbor, or lunch companion.

Over the years, I watched her guess people’s identify on What’s My Line?, see if  she could discover who was lying on  To Tell The Truth , and how long it would take her to guess the hidden agendas on I’ve Got a Secret.

But my favorite role that she played (and one that I think captured a bit of her real personality) was that of The Happy Homemaker, Sue Ann Nivons.  I loved The Mary Tyler Moore Show and when Sue Ann joined the company, it was a dream sit-com cast. .

The Golden Girls series I was less enthused about:  Golden Girls was a show about four widowed women in their “golden years” and it just wasn’t my ‘cup of tea.’ 

Through the years I watched her as a guest celebrity on Password , and in l963 I was thrilled (after two failed marriages) that she seemed to have the love of her life when she married the shows’ host Allen Ludden.  (Allen Ludden died in l981 of bladder cancer.)

  Awards too numerous to mention, but I’ll mention a few

Betty White has won seven Emmy Awards, three American Comedy Awards (including a Lifetime Achievement Award in l990), and two Viewers for Quality Television Awards.

She was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in l995 and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame alongside the star of her late husband Allen Ludden.

Betty White can do no wrong in my eyes.  She is the kind of woman who will never ‘grow old’. She continues to work in an industry with zero tolerance for older women, and she manages to prevail.

 How many women could brag that they hosted Saturday Night Live at age eighty-eight!

  Betty I love ya, but I have a small bone to pick with you.

Whatwere you thinking when you said in the article “Wild and Wise” in the November/December issue of More Magazine that ‘…as much as I love my friends (you were speaking of Rue McClanahan)…I wouldn’t think of going out to lunch with a woman.  I can’t think of anything less interesting, except hen parties and showers—and I avoid them like the plague.”

 Ouch.  When I read that I had to put the magazine down to get my bearings.

This is 2011 isn’t it? and Betty White is talking about women today and not the women portrayed in Claire booth Luce’s play, “The Women.”

 I cannot believe, Betty White, successful woman, talented actress and comedienne that there are women  that you’d not want to have lunch with?

 My goodness, that comment would suggest that you prefer the company of men to women, and that  most women are not intellectually up to par to their male counterparts.

 Oh surely, you didn’t meant it to sound that way!

I’m so upset that I’m grasping at straws. 

Maybe you were a little confused and were thinking of the time your best friend Rue McClanahan played Countess De Lage in the Stage on Screen revival of The Women and you were thinking about how women felt about other women at that time, and not what women of today thought.

 “The Women” a 1936 play by Clare Boothe Luce (and later revived in 2008) depicted a stereotypical view of women; a time of hen parties and showers, but today’s reality reflects women who lunch are just as likely to talk about “hen’ parties being in The House, and “showers’ turning into downpours of cyclonic proportions than they are talking about the new color of lipstick or nail polish.

Betty, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt (so many doubts) and assuming that you meant nothing disparagingly about that remark.

You were quoted (like I’m doing) out of context, and you really didn’t mean that women today are so shallow and talk of nothing but hen parties and showers  and you ‘avoid these women like the plague.”

Tell me this, Betty White, (so I can go back to admiring you like I did before) that you  didn’t mean it the way you said it,  or if  you did mean it,  I’ll select the next option: selective amnesia.  

I’ll wipe out the traumatic event, (Your More Magazine response) so that  the other recollections (who and what you are) will remain intact.

 Hell, it worked for rats.

Written by Jo Adamson
Freelance writer, Playwright

Calling expectant mothers “potential birthmothers” or “birthmothers”?

Question by Sunny : Calling expectant mothers “potential birthmothers” or “birthmothers”? seems odd to me–like assuming the sale, so to speak.

What do you think most guys would think if women they were about to date, or were dating called them “potential husband” or “husband”. What about if a woman wrote on her profile on a dating site, “Dear Husband, I am a nice woman looking for my forever man! I hope you’ll consider me as a loving choice! I have had several failed relationships, and eager and waiting for us to be a family”

Or when couples hoping to adopt say they’ve sad a “failed adoption” when in reality–there was no adoption? Wouldn’t that be akin to a dating relationship that ended being called a “failed marriage”? Best answer:

Answer by SLY
LOL, I love this take on things. It will, I am sure, earn you more than one bitter adoptee statement…lol! I bet that will keep you awake at night.

And, in this same vein, if as the mother of my raised son who is pissing me off majorly, I break his neck, would that be called “retroactive abortion”? Or, REALLY late term abortion? He is 39….

Add your own answer in the comments!

What is a “failed adoption”?

Question by Sunny : What is a “failed adoption”? And why is it considered bad? How can it be a failed adoption if the adoption never took place? Is an engagement a “failed marriage”?

Confused… Best answer:

Answer by LindseyTaylor actually had a good page on this called: “Failed Adoption” and “Birthmother Scams”

It is really funny that the mother is still referred to as the “birthmother” and not the mother in situations like these. They don’t say that the mother came to her senses or made the right decision for her family but rather she “scammed” some poor couple (now there are ruthless people that really do scam people to get financial support but most of the time it is just scared mothers deciding to be a parent.)

Solution: No pre-birth matching. It makes everything so much harder and gets too many people involved when the only ones that need to be are the family. The parents should be given time and space to plan how they can parent their child, not whether or not they will hurt this couple’s feelings.
Then the argument starts being “Well they can do this and that better…” not “I can do this and that for my child”

Give your answer to this question below!

Oscar Scully

Oscar Scully , played by Ingo Dammer-Smith, is Lyn and Joe Scully ‘s fifth and youngest child. [5] He was born on-screen on 20 August 2003. Dammer-Smith joined the show when he was a couple of week old, he is the son of one of the technical crew. [6]

Lyn ( Janet Andrewartha ) and Joe Scully ( Shane O’Connor ) decide to try for another baby and almost give up hope, when Lyn suddenly announces she is pregnant at Susan ( Jackie Woodburne ) and Karl Kennedy ‘s ( Alan Fletcher )’s wedding reception. Lyn does not have an easy pregnancy, as she is injured during a robbery at the Kennedy house and then learns that her aunt, Valda ( Joan Sydney ), is actually her mother. Joe and Lyn decide to go away for a few days when Lyn passes her due date and there is no sign of the baby. Lyn has terrible stomach pains and Joe rushes her home. Lyn is told that the baby is in a breach position and she would need a caesarean section to deliver it. Lyn does not like this and goes home to try exercises to turn the baby, which is successful. Lyn goes into labour and Oscar is delivered by Dr. Veronica Olenski (Caroline Lloyd). Both Lyn and Joe are surprised that Oscar is a boy, as Karl had told them he was a girl.

Joe is happy to have another son, but Lyn finds it difficult to bond with Oscar. Lyn does not comfort Oscar when he cries and she tells him that she does not know why she does not love him properly. Oscar was baptised and Susan, Valda, Harold Bishop ( Ian Smith ) and Gino Esposito ( Shane McNamara ) are his godparents. Harold and Gino compete to be the better godfather. Lyn leaves Oscar in the car while she goes shopping and she is arrested for shoplifting. Karl diagnoses her with post-natal depression. Joe makes Oscar a promise that he will love him enough for both of them until Lyn gets better. Lyn begins to bond well with Oscar and is happy when she realises that he likes The Bold and the Beautiful . Joe tries to wean Oscar off the soap, but he does not succeed. Joe leaves the family to look after his father and brother in Bendigo and his marriage to Lyn breaks down. Oscar gets to visit Joe and he has his older siblings, Jack ( Jay Bunyan ) and Steph ( Carla Bonner ) around. When Steph becomes pregnant and suffers from breast cancer, she takes Oscar and disappears. She later admits that she was just keeping him safe. Elle Robinson ( Pippa Black ) babysits Oscar, but he wanders off by Lassiter’s lake and loses his in the water. Ned Parker ( Daniel O’Connor ) rescues Oscar and becomes his nanny. Following her failed marriage to Paul Robinson ( Stefan Dennis ), Lyn decides to take Oscar to live in Shelley Bay. She returns to Ramsay Street a few years later without him and she reveals that Oscar is with his father in Bendigo. She goes to visit him, but he does not want to return home with her.

Written by abbew

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Me and Mrs Jones Part 3

Robson Green stars as Liam Marple, a top undercover tabloid journalist who writes a column under the pseudonym ‘Mrs Jones.’ Prior to a General Election he is given the task of investigating the female Prime Minister, Laura Bowden, in the hope of exposing any dirt she has to hide. Posing as a party fundraiser, Liam manages to gatecrash an important event to gain material for another highly critical article about the government under his pseudonym, but his encounter with the Prime Minister provides more than column inches; to Liam’s surprise there is a powerful attraction between them. Laura doesn’t know Liam’s identity as the infamous columnist Mrs Jones. To her, he is a political fundraiser – who she falls in love with. He helps her forget her failing marriage and plummeting popularity. The real Liam, however, is still sniffing for a scoop. But slowly, Liam falls for Laura too, making his life as Mrs Jones more and more untenable. Then, in a last-ditch attempt to save his career, Liam is asked to break a sensational story about the PM’s husband. Will Liam’s conscience allow him to go through with the plan? Video Rating: 4 / 5

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